Happy New Year.

One of my favourite photos of Tofu ever. Click on the picture and view it enlarged because the shrinked version of the photo makes him look a lot less cute, trust me. :x Notice how he looks all adorably dumb at the camera haha. Happy 2009 ;D


Happy Christmas!

We tried really hard to make him stay still under the Christmas tree but failed spectacularly haha. So we've decided this will do. Wishing you a very happy Christmas!


Random photo of the week.

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Past posts.

As you can see on the note over there, our Internet connection has been down for a while. We've been rather busy anyways. So meanwhile you can check back on past posts while we try to find time to post.

Random photos of the week:

October 12 October 19 October 26(My personal favourite!)
November 2 November 9 November 16 November 23 November 30

Other favourite posts:
Tofu under the sofa
Hide and Seek

Enjoy. =]


Someone just learned how to get on the sofa ..

.. and he's been enjoying himself ever since. >_< Notice how he's trying to dig a hole back to the floor? He knows how to get up, but not how to get down so.. muhaha!