A year on and it's still his favourite toy.

Taken in 2008:

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His first day.

It was one fine day when Josie and mum sent me to tuition, and by the time they came to fetch me back home, they had already made up their minds.

Anyway, a myriad of names came up for consideration. There was Rudolph, Vanilla, Tofu, Snowy, Noodles, Mian Bao if the dog was white; Chocolate, Brownie, Chocolate Cake, Cakie if it was brown (Notice how most of the names are related to food) .

Eventually we settled on buying the white puppy,
who, bizarrely enough (xD), ran up to my mum even though many other people were calling to it.

-To be continued with more photos and text caz I gtg!



Yup, he's staring at us. Every time we attempt to go out. That piteous 'BRING ME OUT TOO :(' look. Ever since his arrival into our home, we have found it hard to go out of the house without having a huge sense of guilt.

We ended up bringing him along.


Random photo of the week.

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NOTE: We were going out for a walk when the phone rang, so I just tied him up at the door while I answered the phone. Thought it was adorable, how he was trying to escape and stuff. But apparently to others it isn't so I apologize o_o.



Everyday without fail, at around 9 - 10 pm, Tofu would become hyperactive and run around the house almost demonically for some reason o_O He even hits his head on the wall sometimes haha.

Anyway, He does this for almost 15 minutes everyday until it wears him out, after which he would proceed to drink some water and rest next to us while we watch the tele. The clip above shows a tiny part of what he does every single day. Enjoy ;D

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(Sorry for the bad quality of the video, something's wrong with my media converter (In which I convert my video files into something that Blogger supports) Will try to convert it to a better quality video file asap!)