Random photo of the week.

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NOTE: We were going out for a walk when the phone rang, so I just tied him up at the door while I answered the phone. Thought it was adorable, how he was trying to escape and stuff. But apparently to others it isn't so I apologize o_o.


Tulip's Talking said...

Cannot help but wonder why the furbaby is tied like this?

- wlun - said...

We were going to bring him for a walk when the phone rang, so I just tied him over there at the door to answer the phone ._.

I thought it was kinda adorable how he was trying to escape, so I took a picture before we went out for the walk.

Apparently to other people it seems like we're ill-treating Tofu or something so I think I better leave a notice in the post :x

PuNiao said...


I've tagged you for a Passionate Blogger Award. Check out http://sexybluemame.blogspot.com/2009/02/are-you-passionate-blogger.html for more details. And send lots of love and hugs to tofu!!

Pu Niao